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Thor Holt
Executive Presentation Coach

Client Enjoyment Feedback!

"Thor turned my public speaking phobia into confidence in 4 sessions. The speech went amazingly. People laughed at my jokes; they asked loads of questions; and I was even invited to speak at another event. Thank you, Thor. You are a superstar!"

Dan Hawtrey. CEO (London)

"Thor’s has huge energy & insight & with his support we created the presentation that won us our largest contract ever! (£20.4M)
His input was thought provoking & challenging & at the same time helped build my confidence. I learned a huge amount and to top it of it was fantastic fun.
Thanks Thor."

Miles Davies. Head Of Operations Service Innovation (Scotland)

"I highly recommend working with Thor for any presentations, pitches, or speeches that you may need to deliver, and Thor's help will significantly improve your chances of success."

Dermot Murray. VP Technology (Scotland)

Time to stop avoiding speaking opportunities?

It's natural to be apprehensive about speaking up & leading the conversation. However, capability + confidence = enjoyment

Best practices from 12+ years of coaching leaders worldwide...

  • Enjoyably built client confidence, capability and delivered results (pitches, presentations, speeches, key meetings, negotiations etc. ) on all 5 continents
  • Earned 85+ LinkedIn recommendations for my client coaching results
  • Given Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) status at MIT (Boston. USA) for pitch work with their Global Founders Skills Accelerator
  • Christina Chase. Managing Director, MIT Sports Lab. "Thor's awesome. MIT teams can't say enough about him..."
  • Thor 'walks the walk' as a current amateur stand-up comedian
  • Achieved 4.8 * average Google Review

Thor Holt - Executive Presentation Coach

100% Presentation Capability + Confidence + "Fantastic Fun!"

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